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Teeth Whitening Training

How to Become a Teeth Whitening Specialist

Join our Online Teeth Whitening Certification Course and add this lucrative skill to your current business or start a new teeth whitening business!


Our professional trainer, Shanna, has included all the supplies and instruction in this online course that provides you with what is needed to become a certified teeth whitening specialist.

Teeth whitening has become a popular service to offer in beauty studios and this course will teach you the skills of whitening application, how to offer the service hygienically, and the professional supplies needed to ensure the service is as effective as possible. 


Why Choose New Phases Online Academy?

☽ 1 Year Unlimited Access

☽ Downloadable Consent Form

☽ Insurance Information

☽ List of Supplies with Links

☽ Ability to Contact Trainer for Help

☽ Certificate of Completion

☽ Private Facebook Group for Specialists

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